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Blast from the past, Sounds from the future!

My music taste changes with the seasons and right now, I’m inspired by a current style of electronic music that is reminiscent of the 80’s. Genres like Electropop, Synth Pop, New Wave, Latin Freestyle, 80’s Funk and Electro really shine through in these songs. Artists such as Mitch Murder, Kavinsky, Tesla Boy, and Com Truise, etc. are some examples of the master minds behind this cheesy, dreamy synth blast-from-the-past style.  If you switch the C and T in Com Truise, what do you get? Tom Cruise. A huge heart throb celebrity of the 80’s. Even The album cover art for the tracks are reminiscent of the neon and surrealistic art that came out during the time. (Check out some of the art above.) Mitch Murders "Midnight Mall" reminds me of a soundtrack to an 80’s movie. You can hear what sounds like a horse, or to me, a unicorn in Light Asylums "A Certain Someone". Its all about the synth’s and sounds that give it this nostalgic feel. Chromeo’s whole "Fancy Footwork" album feels like 80’s funk and Latin Freestyle. Beat machines and synthesizers like the Roland series really created a whole lot of 80’s music, even in the pop world. I love it. Reminds me of my childhood. Growing up in the 80’s was rad. It was soooo care free! If you love the 80’s like I do, check this music out. 

My top 20 faves (In no particular order)

1.) Tesla Boy - Spirit of the Night

2.) Mitch Murder - Midnight Mall

3.) Miami Nights 1984 - Clutch

4.) Kavinsky - Dead Cruiser 

5.) Chromeo - Opening Up

6.) Com Truise - VHS Sex 

7.) Ford and Lopatin - Emergency Room

8.) Light Asylum - A Certain Someone 

9.) Miami Horror -  Don’t Be On With Her

10.) Loose Shus - Red Sonja

11.) FM Attack - Sleepless Nights

12.) Chromeo - Momma’s Boy 

13.) Lazerhawk - Shoulder Of Orion 

14.) Mitch Murder - Hollywood Heights

15.) Tesla Boy - Rebecca

16.) Miami Horror - Summerfest ‘86

17.) Futurecop! - Eyes Like The Ocean 

18.) Chromeo - Since You Were Gone

19.) Electric Youth - Faces

20.) The Outrunners - Runaways

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MACHINE: // LAMBDA, July 11th @ Vulcan Gas Company

Machine_July_web (1)

July 11th marks my first appearance at newest club Vulcan Gas Company. Twenty-Fourteen has been good to me. I’ve DJ’d along side many producer/DJs I look up to like Goldroom, RAC & The Twelves. The year isn’t over yet and I got plenty of tricks to command your feet! In company with the MACHINE DJs, it’s surely going to be a good time.

♪ Join us ♪ヽ( ⌒o⌒)人(⌒-⌒ )v ♪ No cover


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