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S U N E is an Experimental/Pop duo out of Austin, Tx comprised of Audri Acuña (San Antonio, Texas) and Jonas Margraf (Marburg, Germany).

Their 3 track EP explores your auditory senses with motley drum patterns, ghostly yet delicate vocals and superb production values.

Acuña’s vocals remind me of Anne Clark with a touch of Thom’s eeriness. However, on their song “Decipher” the vocals feel bright and thoughtful. Each songs plays a roll in their musical odyssey painted by murky ambient tones, celestial synths and feral vocals. Listen in.

SUNE kindly offers their wonderful effort under the “Pay What You Want” model of distribution. Head over to their Bandcamp page and show support by donating a bit of coin or giving love through social media.




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Off Da Clock - Rooftop Swank EP / Go Go Bizkitt! Remix


With Bloghouse in the history books and deeper sounds on the rise, the “feel good” French/Disco House jams have taken a backseat. The genre may not be as prevalent in the blogosphere but producers like Off The Clock & Go Go Bizkitt! are consistently pushing the sound forward with top notch samples, production values and undeniable grooves.

In addition, Go Go Bizkitt! turns up the heat with a free DL for your listening pleasure!


Off Da Clock’s debut EP, ‘Rooftop Swank’ drops this Friday, September 5th, on Xephyron Digital


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Thomas - Sexed Up + Remixes

Hi there! Welcome!

Today we have a special release from Whiskey Pickle. Representing Austin’s underground proper, WP culled talent from artists such as Brother In ArmsRiCHARD.GEARJohnny Blackouts. The original track is a hazy groover with guitar licks and bouncy keys sprinkled all throughout. The Brother In Arms remix brings it down a notch with a Moog-y bassline alongside dreamy vocal chops. RiCHARD.GEAR counters with a punchy and deep, four to the floor production with fuzzy breakdowns and plenty of drive to keep the dancefloor heated.

Last but not least, my favorite out of the bunch, the Johnny Blackouts remix.

This remix reminds me of when I use to sneak out of my bedroom window onto the roof of my parents house. My friends and I would lay on the slanted shingles with our hands behind our heads, looking up at the cosmos and just talk about anything life was throwing at us. We all wish for simpler times, but life moves forward as the Arrow of Time commands.

Let’s embrace the present and continue to progress towards a better self.
Who knows, we may learn something along the way ;)


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